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Exhibit Examinations


DNA Profiling

Our highly experienced DNA profiling expert at Forensic Experts can undertake DNA Profiling, DNA Profiling is arguably one of the most powerful and discriminatory techniques currently available in the Forensic Science field.

Our highly experienced DNA profiling experts at Forensic Experts can undertake all aspects of DNA profiling cases and prepare comprehensive expert reports dealing with our findings, we attend at all of the various Forensic Agencies utilised by the Police throughout the UK to conduct a thorough, robust and critical assessment of the DNA profiling that has been carried out.

An individual’s DNA profile is the same in all of their body fluids and therefore the technique can be applied to all body fluids and tissues including blood, semen, saliva, sweat, minute skin fragments and hair roots.

With the exception of identical twins, every individual’s DNA profile is unique and current techniques in use and applied to Forensic Science targets specific regions of DNA which are known to exhibit wide variations between individuals.

The latest and current DNA profiling technique is referred to as DNA-17, which targets 16 regions of DNA known to vary widely between individuals, and a further region is used to indicate the gender of the donor of the DNA.

In some cases where the amount of recovered DNA is very low or of poor quality, high sensitivity, or low copy number, DNA profiling expert is used.

A DNA Profiling expert is used in various types of criminal investigations where body fluids might be present:

  • Murders & Assaults.
  • Sexual offences.
  • Burglary – blood deposited at point of entry for example.
  • Robbery – body fluids such as saliva and sweat on head coverings.
  • Drugs Cases – DNA detected on drugs packaging.
  • Weapons such as firearms.
  • Paternity.

Some cases can produce complex mixtures of DNA, which can sometimes be difficult to interpret.

Forensic Experts – Leading Forensic Science Company in the UK.

Providing expert witness reports to defence solicitors, we have recently provided expert witness reports to solicitors in all areas of the UK.

Our forensic science experts will work with you, to establish the facts from the evidence.

Blood Spatter

Our Blood Spatter expert at Forensic Experts is able to assist you in the evaluation of the type and nature of bloodstains and blood spatter caused by splatter on items such as clothing, footwear and weapons at scenes of crime.

By its very nature, the most common types of crime where blood spatter technique is used is in assaults and murders, where sometimes significant amounts of blood loss occur.

Many assaults and murders might have involved the victim being repeatedly beaten with a weapon, or punched, kicked or stamped upon resulting in blood splatter being deposited onto the weapon, and blood splatter onto the clothing and footwear of the assailants.

There are effectively two types of blood transfer that encompass blood splatter and blood staining analysis namely, simple direct physical contact with a source of wet blood, and the blood being transferred in an airborne manner.

Contact bloodstains can be a result of either primary contact with wet blood, or alternatively some form of secondary / tertiary contact.

Airborne blood transfer is almost invariably in the form of spots and splashes of blood where some form of force has caused the blood to become airborne, and this can often be more difficult blood pattern expert to assess.

Brief examples of the forces that can create airborne blood producing blood splatter are:

  • Gravity – simple nose bleed
  • Blows into wet blood, for example kicking or punching into wet blood
  • Cast-Off blood from a wet bloodstained weapon that is being violently swung

There are other forces that can cause airborne blood.

Forensic Experts Blood Spatter expert can undertake the examination of blood spatter, stained items or blood transfer analysis and prepare a fully comprehensive expert report dealing with our findings in light of the circumstances of a particular case.

Forensic Experts – Leading Forensic Science Company in the UK.

Providing expert witness reports to defence solicitors, we have recently provided expert witness reports to solicitors in all areas of the UK.

Our forensic science experts will work with you, to establish the facts from the evidence.

Footprint Expert

Footprint expert is required when an individual stands on a surface, an impression of the under sole of the footwear worn can be left behind (footprints) and this can be recovered by Scenes of Crime Investigators for comparison with footwear seized from a suspect in a crime.

There are literally many hundreds of different footwear under sole patterns, and as footwear is worn it exhibits two major features through time:

  1. General Wear: the under sole pattern will wear away, primarily on the heel and ball of foot areas.
  2. Damage Features: during wear the under sole will sustain various small (and sometimes gross) damage features manifested as small cuts and nicks.

It is these features that are of interest when comparing a footprints mark recovered from a crime scene with the under sole pattern of footprints taken from a suspect because they have the potential to either exclude footwear as being responsible, Our Footprint expert can assist.

The strength of evidence of association can range from limited to conclusive, being dependent on factors such as the damage features which are of course randomly created and with the potential to make an under sole unique to that shoe.

In some cases, our footprint expert can find the recovered footprints impression are of poor quality for different reasons, or only be a partial mark from the toe area for example, and in the absence of damage features the degree of association between a particular shoe and a crime scene impression is very much open to interpretations that vary, and might be towards the bottom end of the range of strengths of association that are used.

Footprints impression evidence is most commonly encountered in burglary and robbery cases, but is also used in cases such as footwear marks in blood at a murder / assault scene, and footwear marks on the body of a victim, manifested in subsequent bruising, who has been subject to a kicking / stamping attack.

The strength of footprints impression evidence can be very objective, and in our opinion such evidence must be robustly evaluated on behalf of the Defence, and our experts at Forensic Experts have a great deal of experience in such cases.

Fingerprint Analysis

Fingerprint Analysis is the oldest means of identifying an individual, and involves the comparison of the characteristics evident in a fingerprints recovered from a surface or an item such as a weapon used in a murder, with fingerprints impressions taken from a suspect.

Fingerprints analysis might be used in wide variety of criminal investigations including:

  • Murders – prints on suspected weapons.
  • Burglary & Robbery – prints on surfaces or other items.
  • Drugs cases (prints on drug packaging).

Certain minimum standards are required to be met in order to definitively conclude that a recovered fingerprints from a crime had been identified as belonging to a specific individual, to the complete exclusion of all others.

Each fingerprint is unique to an individual and no two fingerprints have ever been found to be the same. Even identical twins will have different fingerprints.

The fingerprints analysis expert at Forensic Experts can undertake a robust and thorough review of all aspects of fingerprint identification including the continuity of integrity of the crime fingerprints, and also address specific issues that might be of significance. These issues include the position and direction of the fingerprints and the mechanism of deposition of the print.

Our expert forensic scientists can provide the following forensic fingerprint analysis services:

  • Fingerprint Comparison Services.
  • Fingerprint Investigation Services.
  • Fingerprint Profiling Services.
  • Forensic Thumbprint Analysis.
  • Forensic Palm Print Analysis.
  • Forensic Footprint Analysis.
  • Fingerprint Analysis services for discrepancies for defence solicitors.
  • Expert Witness testimony / reporting for Fingerprint Analysis.

If you require further information on forensic fingerprint analysis please contact Forensic Experts today.

Body Fluids

Forensic Experts Body Fluid Analysis experts, can examine body fluid traces recovered at crime scenes. These are among the most important types of evidence to forensic investigators.

Body Fluid Analysis is able to extract valuable DNA evidence which can identify a suspect or victim as well as exonerate an innocent individual, because of this Forensic Experts ensures that the Body Fluid Analysis expert works alongside the DNA Expert.

There are many different types of bodily fluid that are secreted by the body and are also present within the body at any given time. These fluids may be useful in helping forensic scientists put together a detailed picture of how an individual died and likewise may also present means of identifying the perpetrator.

The distribution, presence or absence of body fluids, such as semen and saliva or cells shed from the body can be significant, particularly in sexual assaults resulting in body fluid analysis an essential part of the investigation.

Body Fluids Analysis encompasses a number of fluids as shown below:

  • Amniotic fluid
  • Bile
  • Blood serum
  • Faeces
  • Female ejaculate
  • Gastric juice
  • Lymph
  • Mucus (including nasal drainage and phlegm)
  • Saliva
  • Sebum (skin oil)
  • Semen
  • Sputum
  • Sweat
  • Tears
  • Urine
  • Vaginal secretion
  • Vomit

These varying fluids are to be found contained within the human body and those that are classed as being secreted can be found on or about the body of an individual who has been the victim of a crime.

The most common bodily fluids to be found in these instances are blood, semen, serum, saliva.

Forensic Experts – Leading Forensic Science Company in the UK.

Providing expert witness reports to defence solicitors, we have recently provided expert witness reports to solicitors in all areas of the UK.

Our forensic science experts will work with you, to establish the facts from the evidence.

Marks & Traces

Marks and traces investigation relates to the evaluation of evidence such as fabric impressions (for example glove marks), tool marks, and particulate material transfer such as minute glass, paint and metal fragments.

Fabric impressions can often be recovered from crime scenes such as burglaries where the offender is wearing gloves for example in an attempt to avoid leaving fingerprints at the scene.

If a suspected fabric impression is recovered, it can for example be compared with gloves seized from a suspect, which involves making test impression from the gloves and comparing these with the recovered fabric impression.

Features such as weave pattern and dimensions, damage to the gloves, and embedded debris such as grit and mud which can distort the continuity of the weave pattern, can be assessed and an opinion expressed as to the likelihood of a particular glove being responsible can be expressed. Such opinions are clearly objective, dependent on various factors, and can range from limited to conclusive association between glove and crime mark.

Marks and traces – Tool marks primarily relate to the use of an item such as crowbar or screwdriver to forcibly open a window or similar, and the use of bolt cutters to break padlocks and chains.

The compression of the target material as a result of the use of such items can leave an impression of the item responsible for the damage, including damage features to that item as a result of use. The tool mark can be recovered from a scene either by removal of the item concerned, for example a padlock, or by taking a cast of the mark, on a window or door for example.

Comparison of the recovered mark with a suspected tool can be undertaken at a laboratory and an opinion expressed as to likelihood of the tool being responsible, in a manner similar to fabric and footwear impressions.

Particulate material transfer, most commonly glass fragments, occurs when for example a window is smashed in order to gain entry to a premises. The act of breaking glass produces many minute glass fragments, less than 1mm maximum dimension that can land on the clothing of the individual breaking the window. If arrested shortly afterwards, the clothing worn by the individual can be seized, examined for minute glass fragments, and any such fragments recovered can be scientifically compared with the glass from the window to ascertain if they are similar.

Forensic Experts can conduct a robust review of such evidence on behalf of the Defence.

Facial Mapping

Forensic Experts Facial mapping Expert can assist in your case. Facial Mapping is a process involving the analysis and comparison of two or more facial images, Facial mapping is similar to fingerprint analysis in that it attempts to compare and distinguish the skeletal and other characteristics of a suspect often from CCTV footage but also digital or analogue photographs.

The quality of the imagery available for examination dictates the scope of the examination and ultimately the weight of the conclusion (other techniques may be available to enhance the image).

Through the identified characteristics of the face, similarities and resemblances whether they are of the same person. Other body parts may also be assessed, and this could strengthen the argument for or against.

Facial mapping expert will demonstrate significant areas and points of similarity between two or more images, identifies the absence or presence of specific facial features which all lead to an accurate comparison between the images used. Facial mapping serves not only to prove identity, but also non-identity.

Forensic Experts facial mapping expert is experienced and qualified encompassing a thorough knowledge of human facial anatomy.

Because of inherent limitations of detail, facial mapping expert cannot be used to conclusively identify someone. It is recognised that two people can share similar facial proportions and other features, on poor quality material it can be difficult to distinguish between two people of similar appearance.

Firearms Expert

The legal classification of Firearms and Ammunition involves the physical examination of such items with a view to establishing their legal classification within current legislation in the UK, namely the Firearms Act 1968 and subsequent amendments.

Forensic Experts Firearms Expert Witness can undertake the examination of all types of firearms and ammunition in respect of their current legal classification and this includes:

  • All Handguns & Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Air weapons (pistols and rifles)
  • Taser weapons
  • Stun guns
  • Deactivated weapons
  • Modified weapons
  • “Home-made” weapons
  • CS Gas and similar containers
  • All types of ammunition

These examinations include items that are suspected of being Section 5 prohibited weapons for which we have the required legal authority to examine, test firing where applicable, and assessment of the mechanical.

In addition, we can measure the voltage produced by stun guns and Taser weapons, and also the muzzle kinetic energy of air weapons to ascertain whether or not they exceed the limit at which at which a Firearms Certificate is required.

Forensic Experts Firearms Expert Witness will produce a detailed report on his/her findings.

Fibre Analysis

Fibre analysis expert is required because transfer can occur when an item such as an article of clothing, for example a jumper, comes in to direct physical contact with another surface resulting in transfer of the constituent fibres of the jumper onto that recipient surface.

The recipient surface might be another item of clothing, bedding, car seats, and surfaces at the point of entry in burglary when clothing might be snagged on broken or jagged parts of that surface, to name but a few.

In some cases, the transfer might two way transfer, for example when two items of clothing come into contact with each other the constituent fibres of each item might be transferred onto the other item.

This type of evidential trace transfer investigation is used in criminal cases such as:

  • Murder, assaults and sexual offences where there are no body fluids to forensically examine.
  • Burglary, when fibres from the clothing of the person responsible are snagged on surfaces at the point of entry.
  • Fibre transfer onto the seats and seat belts of cars. This might be useful in cases involving stolen vehicles, or ascertain who was driving a vehicle that has been involved in an accident.

The techniques to compare fibres include:

  1. High power microscopy using a comparison microscope to assess fibre features such as colour, shape, diameter and other features of the fibres.
  2. Micro-spectrophotometry (MSP) to undertake a scientific measurement of the colour and behaviour of the fibres in the visible and ultraviolet spectra.
  3. Use of an infra-red technique to identify man-made fibres such as polyesters and acrylics.

Forensic Experts can undertake a robust review of such evidence including undertaking our own examinations and assessing the evidential significance of the fibre transfer.

Fire Investigation

The investigation of any serious fire after it has been extinguished and made safe is a time consuming practice. Forensic Experts Fire Investigation Expert will locate the origin of the fire, and then concentrate establishing its cause.

Arson is the crime of intentionally and maliciously setting fire to property such as houses and commercial buildings.

Intentional fires includes the deliberate ignition of combustible materials with or without the use of fire accelerates such as petrol.

The investigation of fires can be very complex and can involve the laboratory examination of items for various reasons, and it is our opinion that any investigation should be thoroughly reviewed and understood.

Forensic Experts Fire Investigation Expert also undertake fire examinations on behalf of Insurance Companies, can assist in all aspects of Fire Examination.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting from Forensic Experts have one of the most successful, experienced and innovative forensic accounting experts, with a reputation for delivering exceptional client service and value for money.


Forensic Experts experienced computer forensics team is at the forefront of forensic investigation and review, with a wealth of knowledge and technological expertise to provide technical solutions and support to investigations. They work alongside the forensic accounting expert the team assists with the capture and recovery of electronic data for investigation and review, and in a manner that ensures it is admissible in both criminal and civil courts of law. We also provide electronic disclosure (“eDisclosure”) and expert witness services.


Our Forensic Accounting Expert provides investigative, asset tracing and recovery services to establish liability, trace misappropriated assets. Whether investigating fraud, accounting “black holes”, employee misconduct or other financial crime, we build multi-disciplinary teams tailored to the requirements of each individual assignment.

Our Forensic Accounting Expert specialists are highly experienced in advising on the accounting issues and related financial aspects in any contentious business. We can demonstrate a high degree of knowledge in our field and are able to assist with the resolution of disputes in the capacity of an expert adviser, expert witness or mediator. The qualities that our team can bring include:

  • Specialist technical knowledge
  • Highly developed investigative and analytical skills
  • A broad perspective of the issues affecting disputes
  • Experience in handling disputes and contentious problems
  • An understanding of the related legal processes
  • Ability to present findings and opinions with clarity and authority
  • Experience in presenting evidence in Court

Workplace Drug Testing

Drugs and alcohol can have a damaging effect in the workplace.

Whether Drug Testing in the Workplace is a regulatory, best practice or Pre-Employment drug screening, we have a wide range of services to support you, your company and your employees.

Forensic Experts work with employers, recruitment agencies and HR Consultants to screen for drugs and alcohol both mid and pre- employment.

Using a combination of Hair, Blood, and Saliva Tests, Drug Testing in the Workplace by Forensic Experts we can quickly establish levels of use over a period of 6-12 months – and make a distinction between casual use and chronic dependency if this is required.

We offer numerous drug testing in the workplace methods for employees combined with our independently audited and accredited laboratories. We make it simple by offering each of our customers, a service to fit their unique needs.

We make it effortless by providing a full supporting service in addition to our drug and alcohol testing in the workplace capabilities. This means you can hand the whole process of managing your drug testing in the workplace and alcohol testing programme over to us, leaving you to get on with running your business.

We can provide comprehensive testing onsite, this is the most widely used method.
Or your company can provide us with samples to test. Oral / Urine / Hair.

Electronic Tagging

Electronic tagging is a form of surveillance which enables a person to be electronically monitored over a period of time.

Forensic Experts is typically instructed to review whether the electronic tag has been dislodged or removed by someone deliberately. Rendering the device useless.

Forensic Experts can also provide expert opinion on the electronic performance.

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