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Motoring Offences


Drug Toxicoligy

Forensic Experts Drug Toxicology expert deals with all aspects of cases involving controlled drugs.

Forensic Experts Drug Toxicology expert regularly advise on drug usage and street valuation of both legal (such as prescription medicines and alcohol) and illegal substances (such as cocaine, heroin or the new drugs like BZP or mephedrone). Drug use is often an issue in prisons, family courts or employment disciplinary proceedings. Our Drug Toxicology expert can provide blood, urine and hair analysis to assess drug use.

Our Drug Toxicology expert can assist in cases involving a wide range of issues including:

  • Identification & Legal Classification – unlike drugs such as cocaine and cannabis, which are specifically named in the Act, many drugs are not specifically named but instead fall within a class of compounds that are covered by an “Umbrella” legal definition and this can sometimes require clarification on behalf of the Defence.
  • Purity of a drug.
  • Comparison of drug packaging.
  • Estimates of the potential yields from a crop of Cannabis plants taking into account factors such as growing conditions, space available, and equipment.
  • Drug Valuations – the potential value of an amount of a drug is dependent on numerous various factors, and these factors should all be taken into account to provide the Court with a realistic valuation. This can be important in Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) cases.
  • Drug Usage Issues – we can provide reports dealing with the typical range of daily or weekly use of the common drugs of abuse which can be important when the issue is whether the amount of drug seized was intended for personal use or intent to supply.
  • Drugs traces on bank notes – this technique is used in an attempt to demonstrate whether a number of bank notes was from general circulation or had been involved in transactions involving controlled substances.

Forensic Experts can prepare expert reports dealing with Drug Toxicology issues, and we can also re-test drugs to confirm or otherwise the identification and/or purity.

Forensic Experts have recently been requested to provide drugs in the workplace testing, if you require this service please contact us.

Traffic Collisions

Forensic Experts Road Traffic Accident Investigation expert can investigate events leading up to the accident, and produce a traffic accident report.

We are aware that a Road Traffic Accidents can be traumatic, result in injury and in some unfortunate occurrences death. Litigation is becoming increasingly more common as injured parties become more aware of the compensation culture that is rife in the UK.

Forensic Experts Road Traffic Accident Investigation expert has years of experience in this field relating not only to accidents involving cars.

There may be more than one cause:

  • Weather
  • Road Conditions
  • Road Surface Conditions
  • Drink Driving
  • Tiredness
  • Drugs
  • Speed

The Police most certainly will attend the most serious road traffic accidents and produce a detailed report. These will contain.

  • Plans
  • Photographs
  • Crime scene mapping
  • Witness statements

Insurance companies can instruct Forensic Experts Ltd to attend and reconstruct road traffic accidents.

We can examine the vehicle and provide a detailed Traffic Accident Investigation Report.

Drink Driving

Drink driving cases from a Defence perspective relates to various issues in connection with individuals who face charges relating to drink drive matters.

There are effectively three types of charges relating to drink driving cases:

  1. Driving with an alcohol level in excess of the legal limit.
  2. Being in charge of a vehicle when the alcohol level is in excess of the legal limit.
  3. Failure to provide evidential breath samples.

In respect of charge type 1, typical defence cases are post driving alcohol consumption and laced drinks allegations, both of which require calculations to be undertaken by an appropriate expert in an attempt to provide some support to the defendant’s account. If these calculations do not support the defendant’s account, it is extremely unlikely that a “special reasons” case can be presented to the Court. On the other hand, if they do support the defendant’s allegations such a case can be presented to the Court, and it is a matter for the Magistrates to decide if they accept the defence case.

With respect to charge type 2, a defendant might claim that he had no intention of driving his vehicle until a specific time, and as with type 1 cases, calculations can be undertaken to establish whether or not the alcohol level would have been below the legal limit at that specified time.

Type 3 charges relate to either a complete refusal to provide evidential breath samples to an Intoxilyser at a Police Station, or alternatively attempts were made to provide such samples but were unable to do so. The latter scenario might be because the defendant claims it was due to an existing medical condition.

In such cases, the medical condition may or may not have been declared during the MGDD/A procedure at the Police Station, and an expert might be instructed to provide comment on issues such as the procedure, and whether or not a specific medical condition could have been a valid reason for failure to provide and allowed the MGDD/B procedure to take over and provide a blood / urine sample.

Our expert at Forensic Experts has extensive experience in all aspects of these types of cases both in terms of report writing and giving evidence at Court.

Forensic Experts – Leading Forensic Science Company in the UK.

Providing expert witness reports to defence solicitors, we have recently provided expert witness reports to solicitors in all areas of the UK.

Our forensic science experts will work with you, to establish the facts from the evidence.

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